New Corvette Engine Location? Wherever You Want!

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2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Everyone seems to be talking about where the engine will sit in the next-generation C8 Chevrolet Corvette. Speculation is high that it’ll sit behind the driver with a mid-engine layout. Some purists want the engine to remain in the front, where it belongs. But what if you could decide where you wanted to put it? Maybe you could change it depending on the driving situation or the day of the week?

Autoblopnik has the scoop on the real plan for the C8 Corvette. They talked to GM who confirmed that the next-generation Corvette will have a unique sliding engine mount that lets you choose a front-engine, mid-engine, or Porsche 911 rear-engine.

“Seriously, people, if the Corvette would be better with the engine in the middle, don’t you think we would have made one that way by now? We’re sick of all the Monday-morning quarterbacking, so when the C8 comes out, you can put the engine wherever you damn well please.”

Okay, so Autoblopnik is satire. It always has been. But it is easy to poke fun at everyone speculating about the next Corvette. It’s like we’re beating a dead horse here. Until General Motors actually says what they’re doing, all we have is speculation.

Hey, it does sound like a cool idea, though!

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via [Autoblopnik]

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