New Corvette Z06 Hits 189 on Autobahn

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Z06 Autobahn

Here’s a dream run – being handed the keys to a new Z06 on an unrestricted section of the Autobahn, where going as fast as you can is actually encouraged.

Sure, she’s really more at home on the track, but just the thought of being able to legally open up a Z06 to speeds of a 189 mph on a highway is certainly enticing, as showcased in the first video below.

In this particular run, the lucky driver was a tester for AutoBild, a German car publication. But if you’re curious, I checked around, and a roundtrip airplane ticket from Detroit to Germany is going for about $1,200 right now.  Of course, there is that additional small little fee of getting your Z06 shipped there for the experience too, but you’ll have to get your own quote for that. Or you could just opt to rent one for a day or two.

Then again, you could also settle for a domestic run like Ken Rees posted in the second video below, which shows an electrifying pass that reaches 189 mph at the Mojave Magnum 1.5 mile Shootout.

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