Buy A C5 Z06 Now Before Prices Go Up

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C5 Z06 Prices

This C5 Z06 just sold for an absolute steal, but that will change soon.

It’s no secret that the C5 platform, and specifically the C5 Z06, stands as the most affordable and capable sports car currently in the market. It’s been that way for a number of years now, and we are starting to think that in the near future, pristine examples may start to increase in price. One thing’s for sure though, fair condition Z06s like this one will also likely go up as well. Don’t believe us? A C5 Z06 just sold at auction for $15,200.

A lot of you are now familiar with Cleetus McFarland and his C5, lovingly named Leroy. While it’s not a Z06, it does show why the C5 is one of the most versatile platforms available to enthusiasts, regardless of your motorsport interests. McFarland has taken his C5 to stick shift Corvette 1/4 mile records, he has taken it drifting, and he’s even taken it road course racing with little more than just swapping out wheels and tires to suit each activity. Considering how different each of those disciplines are, it speaks to the C5 as an overall great bet.

C5 Z06 Prices

If there’s one Goldilocks aspect of the C5 Z06, it comes down to the age of the car. You could argue it is old enough to be cheap, but still new enough to be modernized. If you wanted to throw a newer engine in, you could. Upgrade a head unit to fit Apple CarPlay or Android Auto? You can do that too. Plus, there’s no shortage of aftermarket whatsoever. Those are advantages over the C6, which is already fairly “modern” but comes at a higher price of entry. In fact, it has this author is so convinced on the C5 Z06, that he’s keeping an eye on the market, and anticipates switching over to America’s sports car after playing with German V8’s for over a decade.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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