Corvette with Open Headers Is Loud, Obviously

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If you’re going to unbolt your manifolds anyway, why not start up your Corvette and enjoy its primal noise?

Since the beginning of hotrodding, man has sought to make his ride as loud as possible. Unleashing the primal noises of the modern V8 engine is a very necessary task, akin to brushing your teeth in the morning, after all. Because what’s the point of driving something cool if you can’t enjoy its delicious engine notes every time you drop the loud pedal? And that very adolescent sensation is what drove YouTuber Tyler Fialko to rip the headers off his Corvette and see how its LS responded.

And yes, his Corvette is pink. The lovingly named “WhoreVette” needs a new starter, which is what prompted this additional mod. Once underneath, Fialko has to wrench on the exhaust manifolds anyway. And along the way, he reminds us of why it’s kind of important to disconnect the battery before playing around with any vehicle’s electric bits. Corvette open header test

With the manifolds off, it only makes sense to start this Corvette up and see what it sounds like, right? Obviously, you might as well test the new starter and make sure it works before you bolt the exhaust back up. So that’s exactly what Fialko and his buddy do. And we must say, the uncorked Corvette sounds pretty great. With plenty of cackling and popping, this is the most predictable result we could have imagined. Corvette open header test

Unfortunately, the job resulted in a couple of broken manifold bolts. So it only makes sense that our Corvette owner go ahead and buy some long tube headers and a mid pipe, right? At least for now, that’s a possibility. We say just go ahead and do it, because they’re a cheap and easy mod. Heck, we would have done it before even bothering to bolt everything back up!

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