And Now There’s a Turbo Kit…

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The aftermarket has embraced the C7 Stingray like a prodigal son. Edelbrock is developing a supercharger (in addition to others), a variety of tuners are developing heads, cams, headers, etc… But it appears that Lashway is the first company developing a turbo kit for the new Corvette. We just spoke to a representative at the Florida based company who said that they’re aiming for about 540hp at the wheels running six pounds of boost.

One of the issues that they’re facing is that the fuel system computer doesn’t seem to like running boost and so tuning and R&D is of crucial importance. They think that eight pounds of boost might be possible, but whether they dial it up that high will depend on how much power it makes with six pounds. We smell a Stage II kit… Regardless, this isn’t a one-off, it will be a kit and available for purchase in the near future. Furthermore, we were told that heat is not an issue as the turbo and exhausts are cooled sufficiently.

For now, check out this video and let us know what you think, dig the sound? Head here to comment.

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