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Number Three: C2 Corvette L89 Sting Ray

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The Sting Ray was arguably the best looking Corvette..ever! So it’s fitting that the
famed Ray would go out with a bang.

The final year of production saw many tweaks to the car’s design. But the most
important change was made to the options list. Engine option ?L89? took a standard 427 and substituted the heavy cast-iron heads, with lightweight aluminum heads, solid lifters, and 3 x 2 barrel carburetors. The result was 435 horsepower, and a (very modern) weight
distribution of 47/53.

Though the L89 option was available through 1969, this was the only year that it would
motivate the fabled Sting Ray. As a result, only 16 1967 Corvette Sting Rays left the
factory with the L89 option box ticked. One recently sold $221,000. Continue Reading…

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