PKE How To Program Transmitter

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1. Place transmitter and any optional transmitter 10 feet or more away
from the car.
2. Turn the ignition key to the ON
3. Push the TRIP/ODO button on the DIC twice.
Within 5 Seconds, push and hold the FUEL/INFO button on the DIC until the
PKE light on the DIC comes on and stays on.
5. Turn the ignition to
the OFF position, but leave the key in the ignition. Thee PKE light will
come on and begin flashing. (When I programmed mine the light never
flashed but everything worked )
6. Bring one transmitter into
range. When the system recognizes the transmitter, the PKE light will stay
on. ( I had to hit the lock button on the transmitter before it was
recognized )
7. To program an optional transmitter, move the first
transmitter out of range and repeat step 6
8. Remove the key from
the ignition or turn the ignition ON.

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