PIAA Light Installation in a Z06

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Here’s how to install PIAA fog lights on a Z06 using OEM hardware.
This tip should also work on a FRC as well.
Parts list:
2- bolts
part # 11514623
2- nuts part# 10281487
1- switch part#
1- lt fog lamp part# 10438855
1- rt fog lamp part#
You may want to fabricate your own brackets or find some
other way to mount the fog lights since you cannot buy just the brackets
alone. The factory lamps themselves are pretty pricey and you will be
tossing the lights out anyways.
1. Pry off the trunk release
switch and replace with the new fog light/trunk release switch.
Raise the headlights. Disconnect the battery.
3. Locate the fuse
box next to the battery. Remove the fuse cover and locate the fog light
relay. It should be #39. Remove the nut that holds the fuse block. On the
sides of the fuse panel, there are 4 tabs that hold the fuse block down.
Carefully pry the tabs away and at the same time pull up on the fuse

4. Under the #39 relay
you will see a thin purple wire. Take wire harness from the PIAA lights
and locate the on/off switch and cut it off. Tape up the thin black wire.
Take the thin white wire from the harness and splice it in with the purple
wire under the #39 relay.

Connect the thick white wire on the harness to the auxiliary 12v
connection on the fuse block. Connect the thick black wire to a grounding
point. There is one right on the frame rail next to the hood strut.

6. Route the wire harness toward the front
of the car. You may want to use black split wire loom to cover the harness
and give it a factory look.
7. Remove the fog lights from the
bracket. Mount the PIAA lights to the factory fog light bracket by
swiveling the base on the PIAA light 90 degrees and bolting it to the

8. Remove the
headlight bezel. There are three screws holding it in place.
Locate the factory mounting point on the frame. You should see a
rectangular cutout with a small hexagonal opening below it.
Push the nut through the hexagonal opening and hang the light assembly off
the rectangular opening. Now bolt it down. Don’t worry, when you
bolt the lights down, the sleeve on the nut will compress, holding it in
the frame.
11. Connect the lights, reconnect the battery and aim
the lights.
The lights will function exactly like the ones in the
coupe and convertible.

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