How a Pontiac Pushed the Envelope for Corvette

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Pontiac Banshee

Here’s a bit of food for thought, Corvette Forum: the now-defunct Pontiac nameplate could have potentially yielded a sports car that rivalled the Corvette some decades ago.

Well, that’s if you think the Pontiac Banshee (pictured above) had real potential, which it certainly appears to have had, if you ask me. The concept, created by none other than famed automotive ideas man John DeLorean in the 1960s when he worked for General Motors, was born from a prototype known as the XP-833, according to a Yahoo! Autos report.

The only issue was that the Banshee was essentially killed by GM out of fear it might have outperformed the heavier Corvette. DeLorean was then shuffled over to work on the Pontiac Firebird. Then in 1965, the Banshee concept was used as the basis for the third-generation Corvette.

It certainly makes you wonder what other great ideas have gotten lost in the world of GM politics.

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via [Yahoo! Autos]

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