Procharged Corvette Does Battle with Nissan GT-R on the Streets

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Adding some boost to a Corvette is all it takes to send Godzilla back to Japan with its tail tucked between its legs.

Since it exploded onto the scene, Nissan’s GT-R has caused quite a stir in the automotive world. This was a nameplate that couldn’t possibly have been more hyped, to the point where disappointment was almost inevitable. And yet, the new GT-R delivered. Especially in terms of 0-60 times, where it briefly enjoyed the title of the world’s quickest accelerating production car. But as we’ve seen time and time again, a modified GT-R is still no match for your average Corvette with a power adder.

Especially when that power adder is something like, say, a ProCharger. These self-contained supercharger and intercooler setups have made quite the name for themselves in recent years, and for good reason. They’re easier to install than your average blower, and offer up incredible performance bang for the buck. And we get to see one in action in this series of clips fromĀ Texas Speed Racing.

Procharged Corvette

Well, along with a Camaro and Mustang. But the real draw here is our boosted Corvette. The all-wheel drive GT-R unsurprisingly gets the jump, but the ProCharger does all the work after that. Our Corvette leaps ahead and never looks back after that. And in a case of proper showmanship, it spits out some flames after the victory just for the heck of it.

So much for that legendary acceleration. Sure, the latest high-tech wizardry is cool and all, but this video proves one important point. Nothing offers up cheap speed like a boosted American V8. Especially when it’s sitting under the hood of a later-model Corvette!

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