QUICK MATCH: ‘Vette vs. Viper

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Two American badasses with two incredibly powerful engines, but only one can be crowned King of the Strip.

Let’s keep this short and sweet, folks. If you have deep enough pockets to be in the market for the most capable American sports cars, historically, your options have been few. In fact, they’re even fewer now, as the Viper is officially defunct. Sure you could consider the Mustang GT350R, but that’s a Ford, so who would want that?

That leaves us with the undisputed best American sports car — the Corvette. Whether it’s in base trim, Grand Sport, Z06, or the upcoming mighty ZR1, it’s by far the best party money can buy. This video by High Tech Corvette proves our statement correct, when a Z06 ‘Vette lines up alongside a Viper for a quarter-mile drag race.

We won’t tell you the outcome, although you might already have an idea. Enjoy the video!

Corvette vs Viper

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