R-406A Can Replace R-12

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Forum members ought to know that there is an alternative to converting an
R-12 A/C system to R-134a. R-406A is a federally approved direct
replacement for R-12. The procedures for use are the same as with any
refrigerant. You typically would not add refrigerant to any system but
would rather reclaim what is in the system and recharge with new or
recycled product. If the system is significantly low on refrigerant and
has a high percentage of air it would be normal to replace the receiver
dryer. This is the case with all systems, all products. Orifice
replacement is not needed unless the conversion is being done in
conjunction with compressor replacement. In that case the orifice would
always be replaced regardless of refrigerant being used as it could have a
clogged filter which might cause another compressor failure. Always make
it a point to install a compressor suction screen (after-market piece) on
all replacement compressors. This is in addition to flushing. Using
R-406A is cheaper than R-12 and a 134a conversion.
R-406A requires
charge port adapter and an ID label. The charge port adapters are required
by Federal law, as is the label. Each refrigerant type requires different
charge port adapters. It is federally approved for automotive applications
and from what I have heard provides equal or better cooling than R-12. It
is compatible with mineral oils used in R-12 systems. I have seen a lot of
discussion on the forum as to its effectiveness and safety but it is
approved and shops in my area are using it without incident. This should,
at a minimum, be considered an option to conversion.

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