Retired Marine Drives a C4 Corvette Rat Rod Filled With Faygo

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Look what Roadkill‘s gone and done. David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan hacked up a C4 Corvette, and now they’ve got people goin’ around driving Corvettes without a bodies, doors, or hoods, with no regard for what anybody else thinks. And that’s kinda awesome.

Captured by DuneTV (because everything has a YouTube channel now) is this wild project that comes with a lovely sweet treat in the floorboards. The guy goes by the name, “Kicker,” and he’s a retired Marine from Detroit living in North Carolina. After seeing the Ratvette on Roadkill, he decided to build one for himself, because “it just makes sense.”

It started with a 1985 C4, and with $1,800, Kicker transformed it into a drivable monster machine. As he explains, it was an automatic car, so he fabricated a mount to fit a T5 transmission in there. The rear has a 2.76 gear ratio. Up front is a giant ’98 Chevy Tahoe motor with a Rochester carburetor from an old 427.

The makeshift workings don’t stop there. It also has a YJ bumper, Rio Grande seats, Cherokee pedals, and even a ’69 Camaro belt crank. And of course, FAYYGOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Lots of Faygo. He has to stock up during his once-a-year trip back up to Michigan (Faygo is a proud Detroit company).

So, what do you think, are we about to start seeing more of these things?

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via [DuneTV]

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