Road-racing in a 180,000-mile C5 Corvette Z06

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Even as it nears 200,000 miles, this C5 Corvette Z06 blasts around the track with confidence.

Many people would insist that taking a car with 180,000 miles on it would be crazy, but YouTuber ZentRose shows that a high-mileage C5 Corvette Z06 can still get around the track in impressive fashion. With no upgrades beyond routine maintenance items, this aging C5 handles the tight turns and the big straightaways of Auto Club speedway like it just rolled off of the assembly line.

C5 Corvette with 180k

The C5 Corvette Z06

This video begins with the host and owner of the black C5 Corvette walking us through the simple upgrades that have been made to this Z06. He has removed the stock wheels and replaced them with a different set of stock C5 wheels wrapped in Federal RS-RR tires. He has also replaced the original rotors with a newer two-piece rotors up front with “endurance racing” brake pads. He points out that the new brake pads might not offer the performance of a racing pad, but these pads will last longer while the two-piece rotors are more durable than the stock discs.

Beyond the wheels, tires and front brakes, this C5 Corvette Z06 is all-original, with over 180,000 miles on the odometer.

A Lap of Auto Club

After introducing us to the car, the host heads out onto the road course setup of Auto Club Speedway. There are two cameras in the car – one showing the front-view and another showing the driver. In the on-track view, we can also see G-forces, the track map, the speedometer and the lap timer, along with speed updates in the top corner for each key section of the track.

C5 Corvette on the track

Even though the driver makes some errors during the hard lap, the C5 Corvette Z06 performs very well. In fact, it gets up over 150 miles per hour on the big front stretch – enough to scare him to the point that he lifted a bit.

In the comments, we learn that this near-stock Corvette with 180,000 miles on it outperformed the hosts built Honda S2000, so even after all of those years and miles, the C5 Z06 is still an awesome track machine.

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