More Rumors of Jeremy Clarkson Heading to Netflix

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Perhaps the only thing left to these rumors about Jeremy Clarkson revving up for a new Netflix car show is working out how much money he’ll be paid to host and produce.

Of course, given how lucrative his deal was with Top Gear, that still could take some time iron out. Still, with all the buzz around the idea, it’s starting to seem pretty certain now that Clarkson will be parking a new show at the streaming service.

The latest rumor-stoking that a deal could be in the works comes in the form of a Clarkson tweet. Sarcastic as ever, Clarkson takes aim at a new two-hour BBC show commemorating the bicentenary of Charlotte Bronte, a well-known English novelist and poet.

“Finally, Britain has an answer to Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and so on,” Clarkson tweeted, along with this photo:


So it’s safe to say Clarkson isn’t impressed with the BBC’s programming choices. “Clarkson suggested that the BBC was struggling to compete with programmes from Netflix and other US networks,” notes The Week.

The Daily Mirror has even reported that Clarkson’s Netflix show could be called House of Cars as a nod to the network/service provider’s political drama House of Cards. It doesn’t’ seem like much of a stretch, considering the political nature of some of Clarkson’s reviews.

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