This White C6 Corvette Is Getting a Serious Power Upgrade

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Some people tune and upgrade their Corvettes for power and performance, and then some other people really upgrade their cars. Arctic Vette falls into that latter category, as his C6 coupe is currently in the garage of Florida Speed & Power, and thanks to a new supercharger, stage 1 fuel kit, big cam, and more, there may be as much as 800 horsepower trying to turn those rear tires to smoke.

In the words of Arctic Vette himself, “Go hard or go home.” I couldn’t agree more.

The car is still a work in progress, so if you head over to the thread now, you can follow along with the build as it’s happening. Arctic has been really good about providing as many photos as he can, through every part of the process. There is a full set of photos of the sexy looking coupe’s exterior, and also plenty of motor teardown pics too. If you have never seen any of the greasy bits inside an LS3, now is a good chance.

There is still no word on when the car will be finished, how much power it will finally make, or how fast it will tear up the quarter-mile, but considering how fast things are moving so far, it should be soon. Hit that thread so you don’t miss any of the news, and we’ll be sure to drop an updated piece later to check back in on this monster Corvette.

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