How-To Spotlight: What Separates the C6 Corvette

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The Introduction of the C6 Corvette Was Met With Fanfare and Criticism. Let’s Do a Deep Dive of What Makes It Unique

One of the easiest items to spot when comparing the C5 and C6 Corvette is the total redesign. The fifth-generation Corvette will likely go down in history as one of the most liked and admired editions, for many reasons. It’s a safe bet that the sixth-generation ‘Vette is going to end up being a “love it or hate it” situation for most fans.

This week’s How-To article shines directly on the C6, highlighting a few of the more obvious changes, and some of the one’s that may not be spotted so easily. Additionally, this week’s article discusses a bit of the maintenance schedule on the C6, while pointing out a few of the more common challenges it faces.

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While not directly listed in the article, one of the biggest “pros” to owning a C6 has to be the vast assortment of options for customization. This edition of the Corvette seemed to have been designed for the aftermarket in mind. The C6 has been able to grow around the aftermarket crowd. Not just with the engine, but the exterior as well. Of all the generations before it, the C6 makes customization more highly encouraged. And this has bled in to the seventh generation.

All of the customization in the world won’t mean much, however, if you do not take care of your car and keep up with the routine maintenance. At the time, the C6 was the most technologically advanced Corvette ever produced. The stock engine was top of the line, and the most powerful to ever roll out of Bowling Green. To not take proper care is just asking for unwanted trouble. Hopefully you’re already on the right maintenance path if you own one, but it’s a good idea to make sure with this week’s article.

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