How to Install a ZR1 Front Splitter

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C6 Corvette Front splitter

A Front Splitter Is a Great Way to Set Your C6 Corvette Apart

It’s time to bring the sleek look of the ZR-1 to the everyday C6 Corvette. This is a look that can take your car to the next level, and it’s not a look you are going to see often. The question is: are you ready for the ZR-1 front splitter?

Suffice it to say, taking on a project such as swapping out the stock splitter on your Corvette for a ZR-1 splitter is not going to be an easy task. Sure there are more difficult projects to take on, but this one is up there. You are looking at a number of steps to make this change to your C6, but thanks to this week’s How-To Tuesday article, you’ll find a reward at the end of this Corvette tunnel.

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The ZR-1 front splitter is designed to help with down force, it is supposed to keep the front of the car on the ground and it does its job well. On a non C6 ZR1 Corvette, the stock splitter does an effective job trying to help route additional air flow. But in the end it pales in comparison to the ZR1 and its ability to not only provide additional cooling but also the aforementioned down force. In the end, where you will see the difference is at higher speed and in track settings. Outside of that, I would guess that the change would have to suit you in regards to the looks and difference visual cues.

For those of you wanting to work through this process, or if you are looking to walk through the details before tackling the job, here is the link to this week’s How-To article. If you have made this change to your car, for a good reason or because you had no choice, we would like to hear about it. Was it a good change, bad change? Maybe you have a ZR-1 and you want to give someone your front splitter, either way, let us know!

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