Replacing Your Corvette’s Rear Brake Calipers: How-To Spotlight

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Brake calipers don’t die easily. But if you’re looking for a style or performance upgrade, here’s how to swap them.

Everyone loves saving money, but some people are willing to pay to save themselves time. Today’s How-To article takes you through the process of swapping out the rear brake calipers on your Corvette. This job is a little time-consuming. But doing the work yourself can save you hundreds of dollars.

So if money is more important than time for you, then you might be ready to take on this task. Of course, some folks may not even be aware of the function of the caliper. Simply put, it’s designed to hold your car’s brake pads in place. When you press your brake pedal, it squeezes the pads inside the caliper. This puts pressure on the rotor, causing your car to come to a stop. Sounds easy, right? Well, in practice, yes.

For Corvettes, calipers come in a variety of colors. You’ve likely seen red ones, the most popular color for North American owners. But there are other colors available, like the yellow ones shown here. Still, most owners tend to think red looks good with just about everything.

Today’s How-To works you through the 7 steps of replacing rear brake calipers, including some optional steps in the process. In the end, there are a few more steps (such as bleeding the brakes), so keep in mind that this is a brief overview. But if you follow these steps, you’ll likely end up with a new look for your car, while also potentially improving its brakes.

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