Texas Man Had Crossfire Corvette Stolen

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I have a sad story to tell you that ends with a happy ending. Last week, Ziggy713 hopped into the forums to look for help with his stolen 1982 C3 Corvette.

Before we go any farther, can we please keep the jokes about Crossfire cars to a minimum? Thanks.

Now, Ziggy713 went through the proper steps of notifying the police and Hagerty, but he also reached out for assistance from our great community. After little more than a day of inquiry, and help from around the net, Ziggy hopped in to let everyone know that the police had found his car and it was still in one piece, kind of. “It’s definitely salvageable but took a real beating,” noted Ziggy in the thread.

The thing to note about all this is that you should never just suspect your car is safe. It never hurts to take some extra precautions when dealing with anything that you care about. Even if you think it’s not something that someone would feel is worth stealing, you never know. If I was in this position, I would think about a hidden ignition kill switch, or maybe go the route that was suggested in the thread with a battery quick disconnect.

This story ended happily, but quite often it doesn’t. Keep your keys close and your Corvettes safe, friends.

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