Texas Police Department Names Their Corvette Z06

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Here it is, the big day we’ve all been waiting for. The anticipation has been percolating, garnering the interest of thousands here at Corvette Forum, as well as hundreds of thousands more around the world.

Okay, drum roll, please…

Yup, after days of sitting on pins and needles, we’re happy to inform you that the New Braunfels Police Department has finally unveiled the official name of the Z06 that it seized from a Mexican cartel. And while there were a couple of good ones shared when we first covered the story, the Texas police department has decided to go with a suggestion from their Facebook page.

And so, without further ado, the New Braunfels Police Department would like you to meet, “Coptimus Prime.”

Sounds fitting for a crime fighting Corvette, right? But instead of being used for high speed chases, this 190 mph Corvette will be used during community outreach events in New Braunfels to foster a better relationship between youth and the police.

That’s certainly a long way from its previous usage when the Z06 was seized during a 2011 drug raid, along with 10 pounds of meth, high-caliber weapons, $500,000 worth of assets, $140,000 in cash, and $31,000 in jewelry.

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Via [PoliceOne.com]

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