#TBT: Corvette Z06 Burnout Takes a Different Turn

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Here’s a quick note, friends. Before firing up that video camera for a celebratory burnout, you might want to practice the bit first to make sure you have a good idea of how the entire thing might play out.

Take, for example, the Throwback Thursday video below, posted by grytlocket2 back in 2013, which captures a Corvette driver who was hoping to give viewers a few tips on how to perform a burnout in a C6 Z06, but winds up burning the clutch instead. And burn it he did, baby.

The best line comes at about the 1:18 mark when someone off camera says, “That was not the tires.”  Although, I get the sense that the driver already knew something else was smoking when he stepped outside the Z06 to assess the situation.

There may be more than one moral to this story, given some of the comments to the video, but let’s just say that some Corvette experiences are better off kept to yourself.

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