The 2008 Corvette Review

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2008.jpgYou found a 2008 Corvette at a price you can afford. Everything about it seems to check out. The engine tests strong and nothing appears out of the ordinary with the brakes or suspension. You just need an all-in-one review to see if this is the actual year of Corvette that you want.

Performance and Economy Numbers

The 2008 Corvette is an easy car to drive while still providing that punch needed to take advantage of a wide open and empty road. New for 2008, Chevrolet introduced the LS3 engine for the Corvette. This engine displaces 6.2 liters, versus the previous 6.0 in the LS2. Peak horsepower has been impressively increased to 430 horsepower and with the optional dual-mode exhaust, that’s further increased to 436. The legendary Z06 Edition is equipped with a 7.0 liter V8 which delivers a gut-wrenching 505 horsepower. The Z06 also gets an upgraded larger braking package and a lighter weight chassis. The Corvette delivers impressive highway economy of 26 miles per gallon.


New Standard Features for 2008

Onstar’s tele-aid service was a new addition to the standard features lineup for 2008, as was XM satellite radio. With mp3 players being all the rage, Chevrolet also added an auxiliary input jack.

The Drive Test

Available with either a 6-speed Getrag transmission or a paddle shifted 6-speed automatic, the Corvette is a dream for the auto enthusiast. Smooth, snappy acceleration abounds, while braking feel is positive and firm. And don’t worry about throwing it into a corner at speed; it?ll be right where you want in on exit. Drop the top, sit down, slide in a cd or plug in your mp3 player and just let the Corvette entertain you.

Interior Styling Features

With soft premium surfaces and nice grains in the leather and other materials coupled with elegant tailoring, the Corvette is a prime example of luxury meeting performance and function. The digital heads-up display must be seen to be believed.  The small (9.4 inch diameter) steering wheel gives the driver a positive and reassuring feel for the road, adding to the controllability of the car. Head and leg room is excellent. 2008 adds more leather to the interior, with 2-tone accents throughout.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with this Corvette. It delivers power, luxury and economy in a single package that will deliver exhilaration for years to come.

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