Here’s Why the LS Is So Darn Good

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Corvette drift

Why is the LS so GOOD?? That’s the title of one of this week’s /DRIVE episodes. As you can see, the video below is all about the engineering behind the LS, and what really makes it one of the best platforms you could ever want for your project car. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a Corvette, a street truck, a classic muscle car, a supercar, or an off-road desert racer, the LS is simply one of the best engine packages out there.

Honestly, just like /DRIVE, we could go on forever about the merits of the LS platform, and why it will go down in history as one of the best engines ever engineered. However, unlike /DRIVE, it won’t take us a full 19 minutes to explain just why the LS is so good. To do that, we will just show you the video below, taken at this year’s LS Fest.

It features a Corvette C6, a high speed bowl, and tire smoke. You’re welcome.

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Via [/DRIVEBigKleib34]

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