How-To Tuesday: Corvette Detailing for the Pros

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Showroom new C7

Some people say that a car will never be better than it is that moment it rolls off the showroom floor. Perfect condition. No flaws. No scratches. Smells brand new and runs amazing. Everything from that day forward is down hill. Sad when you really think about it.

Well here’s the deal: Corvette owners are a different breed. The previous paragraph doesn’t apply to people who celebrate and cherish this car, this legacy. To own a Corvette is as if you own part of the history of America. No matter what other’s say, if you drive a Corvette, regardless of the year it was built, you truly own a part of the sports car origin.

When you own a piece of history, you take care of it. Many people clean their cars and just go through the motions. Isn’t it time you took it to the next level? Isn’t it time to take your Corvette back to the day it rolled out of the assembly plant? This week’s How-To Tuesday article is going to walk you through that process. The article details five steps that you can go through to help bring your car back to day one. From wheel details all the way down to clay bars, you’re going to find a shine and perfection you may not have seen in a long time.

Let us know what additional tricks of the trade you may be keeping close to the vest. We want to see your Corvette showroom ready. Time for a virtual auto show, who’s up first?

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