These Top 10 Rat ‘Vettes Will Make You Wonder

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Browse the Internet long enough and you will come across some very odd and interesting images. Corvettes are no stranger to that, what with their enduring popularity and the fact that many people really want to make their ‘Vette their own. In honor of such individuality and peculiarity, here are the Top 10 Rat Vettes that make us go, “Wow!” For better or worse.


Yeah, we know, there is no such thing as a steel-body Corvette. Though this patina’d look is pretty awesome.


Ok, there is just something about a ‘Vette with a tunnel ram and a pair of carburetors sticking out that just looks so wicked when it’s paired with a set of side pipe headers. Even without a hood.


This, well, we, we just don’t really know.


It looks sinister, but it’s more than just the flat black that does it. Just look at the blower hat sticking out of the hood.


You can’t beat the looks of a Gasser if you want vintage drag racing looks.


Leave it up to the guys over at Roadkill to make a C4 Corvette cool without making it a ZR1 clone. Though, it did result in a car with no body on it.


Admit it, you’d drive the hell out of this C3 as it sits.


Now, if you were looking for a C3 for a swap and nothing else, you could go with this one from Texas. Just plop an engine in and let ‘er rip. Well, you may need rear tires, too.


Yeah, file this one under, “We don’t know what the hell is going on.” It even features a tail gate from an older Chevy truck.


Finally, we come to another primer black C3, but the red pinstripe wheels and side pipes look great since it’s also paired with a set of Mickey Thompson Street E/T rear tires. Pretty sure he means business.


Though not necessarily a ‘Vette, this baby definitely deserves honorable mention. If you want to mow the lawn in style, don’t get a John Deere or Kobota, get yourself a MOWVETTE Rat Rod!

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Justin Banner is a regular contributor to LS1Tech and JK Forum, among other auto sites.

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