Driver with No License Totals Russian Corvette

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Insane footage shows that in Russia, Corvette drives you.

We spotted this crazy video on Car Scoops and are still trying to make sense of it all. Watch the top right of the clip as it starts. According to Car Scoops, the young Russian Corvette driver has no license and was possibly going too fast. The catalyst for the crash was the driver of the Renault Fluence. The Renault clearly crossed the oncoming lane to enter the parking lot and rather than swerve into oncoming traffic, the Corvette driver pulled a hard right to try and avoid it. Obviously, we can see from the security footage that the impact is still very real, but the angle the cars collided at probably made the impact less life-threatening.

Whether the couple entering the pawnshop where the Russian Corvette suffered its second impact will agree with that is arguable. In fact, we suspect fresh underwear may have been required.

What is particularly gratifying though is how that once the couple realized they were OK and recovered enough from shock, one went to help the driver out of the ‘Vette, and the other, rather than open their camera app for some Facebook OMGs, called for help right away.

As much as it is a testament to impact safety, this video is also a chilling reminder that drivers can do the most random things at the most inopportune moments. Moments where the sharpest of drivers in the sharpest of cars won’t have time enough to react and clear the dangers. Due to the carelessness of the Renault driver and what appears to be excessive speed for the conditions from the Corvette driver, this could have been an even more tragic video than just the end of a beautiful C7 Corvette.

For more coverage of the unfortunate Corvette carnage, check out the following video:

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