Translogic on the Evolution of Chevy’s Legendary Small-Block

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by John Coyle
Corvette Forum

This year, the General will produce its100 millionth small-block V8, and as you can imagine, the milestone isn’t going to pass without notice from the enthusiast community. In this segment of AOL’s “Translogic,” perky, annoying host Bradley Hasemeyer swings a baseball bat dangerously close to a ’60 Corvette?I actually recoiled?and while driving it, sagely informs viewers that it’s not “loaded with super-high technologically advanced things.” Obviously, this is necessary, because most people expect a sports car that’s half a century old to have an iPod dock. Sorry. But that said, the conversation with Dr. Jamie Meyer?who fidgets like a little kid after too many bowls of Sugar Pops?where he explains the evolution and impact of the small-block V8 is pretty interesting. Enjoy.

What did you think of this clip? Are “perky” and “annoying” the right words to describe Bradley Hasemeyer? Sound off in the Forum!

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