How-To Tuesday: Unlocking the C5 Corvette’s Secrets

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Just because the 5th Generation Corvette has been around since 1997, that doesn’t mean everyone has a grasp of what it’s all about. I’m sure that many of you know many of the C5’s secrets, but there’s plenty more to know.

Think of this as an opportunity for you to learn a couple of new things, or even be reminded of some things you may have forgotten along the way.

From a few of the more well known items, to a few lesser known, this article, titled “Corvette: Secrets of the C5,” does a good job of highlighting many of the items that the C5 hides.

Corvette Forum has additional fantastic secrets and tricks posted as well. Take a look at this post from a few years back, titled “cool c5 corvette features.” I know that I wasn’t aware of many of the the things on this super informative list.

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Perhaps these secrets will give some of you the itch to go out and grab a C5. Not a bad idea, considering the average price for the 5th generation Corvette is between $12,750 and $27,375, according to That makes this not only a very affordable Corvette, but one that provides a heap of power and a good ride as well.

In the end, the C5 jump-started Chevrolet back on to the track of making exceptional Corvettes. I for one love this generation and never grow tired of seeing it on the road. If you have a secret to share about the C5, let us know in the comments section, we would love to hear about it.

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