SPEED’s Chop Cut Rebuild Builds a Grand Sport Tribute: 3

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Next, the CCR team visited the Edelbrock facility in Torrance,
California, to detail the fabrication of the E-Force supercharger that
would add 200 horsepower to GS. For the next episode, they returned the
following week to CSOC with the hardware to document the installation of
the E-Force supercharger on the second C6. This was followed by the
installation of Baer brakes and Rated X wheels, designed by Jason
Rushforth of Rushforth Wheels in Huntington Beach, California.

While the mechanical upgrades on car two kept the project on schedule, Laurent and Mike redesigned the Corvette’s stock interior. The interior received a complete facelift, with the stock trim replaced with leather and suede everywhere, in shades of black and gray accented with contrasting blue stitching. When the installation was complete, there was no low-rent vinyl to be seen anywhere in the cockpit.

Over the last two months, molds were produced so the rear-quarter, split-window treatment could be applied to the second C6. This was followed by painting, cutting, and buffing of the now-completed bodywork. Like many similar efforts, the design is polarizing with some loving it, while others have their reservations. One thing is certain: the craftsmanship is flawless, in a way that reflects well on everyone connected with the project.

Combining two generations of Corvettes into a single car is something that many have attempted. Getting the two generations to mesh perfectly is elusive, but not in this case as everyone connected with this ambitious build has something to be proud of.

The fact that every important step of the way was documented by the cameras of CCR (and is available for purchase as a DVD of the seventh season), make this a special treat for ?Vette fans.

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