Throwback Thursday: TX2K14 and the Pump King Corvette

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How about a throwback for some roll races at the TX2K14 races at Texas World Speedway? There’s boost galore in the video below, and a certain orange Pump King ‘Vette putting up one helluva fight. You cant get very far in TX2K14 without having boost, and you’ll find plenty of your favorite wooshy sounds here. A Corvette, a Supra, an Integra, an Evo, and an army of GTRs take to the Texas World Speedway for roll racing.

The roll race setup was bracket style, similar to the 1/4 mile, where you’re paired with just one other opponent for a race to the next round. You exit the banking of the oval side by side with your competitor and then race down the flat back straight. Either you win or you go home.

This year’s TX2K15 event has already come and gone, but if you’d like to check out results, you can do so here.

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