Using that Corvette Valet Feature Could be Illegal

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A GM letter posted in a Corvette Forum thread about that new valet feature in the Corvette is starting to stir up a lot of buzz on the Internet.

The thread, which has been picked up on sites ranging from Jalopnik to Autoblog, suggests the Performance Data Recorder covered here that allows ‘Vette owners to record a valet driver, is illegal.

More specifically, the thread includes a letter originally posted here by Corvette Forum member “tome”, where GM is instructing Chevy dealers to tell owners to refrain from using the feature until an update is issued. If they do use the valet mode, owners are being instructed that they have to inform other occupants they are being recorded.

I, for one, can’t wait to see exactly how the new update addresses the issue, but it seems GM might have jumped the gun a bit on the technology before ironing out all the logistics.

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