Vengeance’s Corvette Z06 Stakes Claim on World’s Fastest ¼ Mile Time

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Vengeance Racing

Vengeance Racing is making one hell of an assertion and they’ve provided the video below that seems to give credence to the claim.

In what is quickly turning out to be one of the most heated Corvette battles yet, the Georgia based performance company has staked claim to the world’s fastest ¼ mile time for a 2015 Z06, with a record setting time of 10.20 seconds at 142.7 mph.

Vengeance’s ‘Vette pulled off the numbers on 93 pump octane gas with a dose of VP M1 methanol added to the tank, according to a GM Authority report. The current output on the car is rated at about 740-750 horsepower at the rear wheels.

The push to get over 100 dyno pulls out of the Z06, however, clearly took a toll on the Corvette, as the car’s clutch now needs to be replaced. But with reports that Vengeance Racing plans to fit a new, RPS triple-disc clutch to the car, I suspect we’re going to be hearing a whole lot more from this Z06.

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via [GM Authority]

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