Watch the Hennessey HPE800 Z06 Blaze Down the Runway

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Go ahead and grab a bag of that popcorn because we’ve got a clip here that’ll beat any action flick you’re planning to catch at a theater.

No, really – this video of Hennessey Performance testing its 2015 HPE800 Z06 Corvette is right up there with some of those action clips from the new Mission: Impossible movie, minus Ethan Hunt.  After watching this thing blasting down a runway, I had to catch myself thinking the darn thing was going to take off in flight.

Clearly, this HPE800 Z06 is a pure beast when it comes to speed. No wonder there’s been so much buzz around the high-performance Hennessey package.

This particular video features the car testing from 0-175 mph at Houston’s Ellington Airport with some pretty cool camera work.

All the heavy action in the one-minute and twenty-two-second clip is packed into about 20 secs. of footage beginning at the :14 mark. But this is about as hot as 20 seconds of car footage can get.

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