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Mike From Criswell Chevrolet Gives Us Another Excellent Post Filled With Corvette Throwbacks

If you hang around Corvette Forum at all, you probably know Mike Furman of Criswell Chevrolet. Heck, you might have even bought your Corvette from Mike. It goes without saying that the guy is seriously involved in the Corvette community. Furthermore, he knows how to connect with guys like us, who love to be a part of the community.

Last week, Mike gave us an update on what’s going on at the dealership, and in his Corvette-filled life. He posted a video of a local school’s field trip to the dealership, and introduced us to a new crop of Corvette buyers joining the American sports car community. Every Corvette is precious to its new owner, and Mike’s involvement in the new car delivery process is outstanding.

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After “business” was conducted, however, Mike treated us to a huge walk down Corvette memory lane. Dialing up the Way-Back Machine, Mike brought us back to a simpler time, when Corvettes were carbureted, and photographs were physical. It’s a way of remembering your youth, your time with your first Corvette. All those bygone years come flooding back with these phenomenal vintage images, some of which are shown below.

It’s fun to muse on one of the first comments in the thread, from member Black_03_Z06: “What is the deal with people sitting on Corvettes? Been going on for generations now.

It’s true, if you dig through the archives, you’ll see a number of people sitting on the fenders or rear decks of their Corvettes. At the very least, they are leaned up against them. Maybe it’s just something that happens when people take ownership of a Corvette? But why?

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