HRE Wheels Renders Mid-Engine C8 Corvette

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HRE Wheels rendering seems inspired by Rimac Concept One and Ford GT.

You know a car is highly anticipated when outside renderings of the vehicle start taking on a life of their own.

Then again, the transformation of a car as iconic as the Corvette into a mid-engine model is pretty groundbreaking. So, we suspect that there will be a lot more imaginative C8 takes surfacing before the next-gen Corvette finally makes its official debut.

In fact, we just put together a new mid-engine Corvette rendering of our own. And yet, it’s clear there are others who think they can add their own insight on the potential look of the C8.

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This latest one was created by HRE Wheels with help from Fast Eddy and Aria Group (as highlighted in a GM Authority report). Sure, it doesn’t look anything like a Corvette. But then again, neither do some of the other renderings we’ve featured here. And it could very well be a new direction that Chevrolet chooses to go with in designing the C8.

After all, the goal of a mid-engine C8 is to create an entirely new market for the Corvette, right?

That said, it seems like the team at HRE Wheels meshed a few styling cues from the Ford GT and the Rimac Concept One when developing their rendering.

Either way, we’re sure there are many more to come.

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