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Mid-Engine C8 Corvette Rendering

Is this our best look yet at the upcoming Chevrolet supercar?

Love it or hate it, it seems all but inevitable that there will be some form of mid-engine car coming from General Motors in the next year or so. We’ve been parsing over rumors and spy shots for well over a year now, and the little details are finally starting to fall into place. The latest spy shots have given us a pretty good idea of the general proportions and shape of the upcoming car, so we asked our render artist to start waving his magic pen to create the images you see here.

Mid-Engine C8 Corvette Rendering

The rear of the car is designed straight from the snowy spy shots we got back in January. The dual exhaust tips, flattened rear end and pointed “devil’s horn” taillight ends are all pretty visible in those photos. We will have to wait for the show car or a few more spy shots to see how close the actual rear deck and bumper sculpting comes to what we’ve drafted here.

For the nose, our artist had to do some real design work and thinking. We’ve yet to see any great shots of the headlights, so he took cues from the current Corvette design language and mixed it with the longer and angular shape of the headlights found on the old Corvette Daytona Prototype racers from last season to create what you see here. We’re a little torn on the proportions, but the angular look is striking, and fits well with the rest of the car’s overall look. The bumper design uses some of the venting cuts in the prototypes’ camouflage, and some of the design ideas seen on the C7 ZR1 prototypes to create a familiar face with some mid-engine aggressiveness.

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The area of the car we know the least about, and the area where our render artist took his greatest artistic liberties is the side profile and rear three-quarters. The spy shots show us a car with a massive side scoop that looks unfit for production, so our artist slimmed and raised the side cut while adding a second intake just behind the rear quarter window … much like the vents seen on the Ferrari 488 and McLaren 570S. We also nixed the removable roof panel seen in the spy shots for a slightly lower and more aggressive single-piece roofline. It is unlikely that a lot of the smaller details of our render will make it to a production car, but this is easily the best and most realistic render of the new mid-engine Corvette to date.

What do you think about this latest rendering? Are there any features about the design you really like? Feel free to sound off in the forum about what parts you would love to see on a production car, and what parts should be killed in favor of something else.

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