Wait a Sec, Do We Really Want a Mid-Engine Corvette?

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No matter where you stand on a mid-engine Corvette, you have to admit one thing: at least it gives us auto-writers something to do.

The latest possible/probable ZR1/Zora C7/C8 story comes to us via Road & Track, and it’s refreshing because the story actually examines not the rumor itself, but if we really want such a thing as a mid-engine ‘Vette in the first place.

Author Jack Baruth says he’d be alright with a limited-run “megabuck special” mid-engine Corvette, but if “they’re proposing to replace the traditional Stingray with a mid-mounter, then that’s totally freaking crazy and we all need to take the strongest possible action before it’s too late.”

I’ll let him tell you what possible action you might take, but basically, the reason Baruth thinks so little of the idea comes right down to the fact that he doesn’t believe GM can manufacture a reliable mid-engine Corvette. Not that he doesn’t have faith in GM in particular, even though their last semi-reliable mid-engine effort, the Pontiac Fiero, caught fire occasionally. Baruth just doesn’t believe anyone has engineered such a sturdy car. Not even Toyota, who tried three times with the MR2.


Well, Baruth might actually not be truly faithful to GM, as he gets into some yada yada about the current front-engine ‘Vette’s “tempermental behavior” and how that probably won’t improve by moving the engine. Which seems a bit far fetched.

What I do agree with is that customers expect a lot more mileage and use from a Corvette than from your “average” supercar. “Combine that with the expected performance, and you’re basically asking the Corvette to be the best mid-engined car in history by a margin that borders on the interstellar.”

Is that so much to ask? It is a Corvette.

All in all, it’s an interesting read. So head on over to R&T, then let us know what you think.

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Via [Road & Track]

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