Watch This 1100HP Corvette Z06 Decimate the Drag Strip

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You have to admire the person that looks at a perfectly fine and perfectly fast Z06 and says: “Nope, needs more power.”

How much more, you ask? How about adding 500-or-so more horses, for a grand total of 1100? Throw in a pair of super-slick tires and a talented driver and the end result is a sub-10 second run down the strip, as you can see below. This monster drag-ready Corvette runs three consecutive times all hovering around 9.5, completely eviscerating the competition in all cases.

The Z06 comes out of the factory with an already extreme 650-hp power plant. When Road & Track originally tested the 2015 model, the car ran a frankly unbelievable 10.95 quarter mile, taking less than three seconds to get to 60. The additional horsepower, likely added through an upgraded supercharger and other powertrain components, makes this example that much faster.

Watch the insanity and enjoy! Oh, and please turn the volume up.

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