What’s in a Name?

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Spy shot 2016-chevrolet-corvette-z07-spy-photo-photo-532690-s-520x318

We recently ran a story with spy shots (pictured here) of the alleged C7 super-performance car out testing. As you probably know by now, it’s  rumored that this iteration of  super-Vette will lose the vaunted Z06 moniker. Does it really matter? As Corvette owners and enthusiasts we know first-hand that change can upset certain traditionalists (ahem, tail lights).

But the proposed Z07 name has been used on Vettes previously. Notably as an adjustable suspension option on the C4. Car and Driver Tech Editor Don Sherman claims the name is also favored at GM because of the obvious link to the C7. Does any of this matter? The C5 and C6 Z06s are remarkable, respected sports cars. Would a name change bother you? Does it dishonor the Z06? Or is it an equally sweet smelling rose by another name? Whatever it’s named (I suggest Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z0-Anti-Prius. You’re welcome Chevy.), the next version of hi-po Corvette should be available in late 2015.

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