2019 Corvette ZR1 Owner Receives “ZR1 Crate,” Answer to Dodge Demon Crate

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Youtuber gets factory-approved bolt-on upgrade for his 2019 ZR1.

The automotive enthusiast community runs on a variety of fuel sources. Passion is one of them. A sense of family is another. Actual gas is, of course, also on the list. The same goes for rubber. The concept of “extra” is another thing that powers the gearhead world. Take the new Corvette ZR1 as proof.

Chevrolet has spent more than half a century finding ways to make its powerful Corvette even more potent on the street and faster at the track. When it debuted the C7 Stingray, everyone knew it was just a matter of time until a more powerful variant came out. Eventually Chevy rolled out the 650-horsepower Z06. A few months ago, the bow tie crew brought America’s sports car to a new plateau of performance: the 2019 ZR1. Its 755 horsepower and 715 lb-ft of torque make it the most powerful factory Corvette ever.

corvetteforum.com Corvette ZR1 Cold Air Intake

That doesn’t mean it can’t be more powerful, though. It can have extra. There’s always someone out there who wants that extra, too. Just take a look at the above Street Speed 717 video on Youtube. The host, Mike, has a ZR1 (as well as a McLaren), but isn’t stopping there in his pursuit of automotive excitement. He unboxes something he sees as a sort of GM version of the Demon crate that Dodge offers for the over-the-top Demon. The white box with the Jake face on it doesn’t contain skinny tires or a new ECM, but it does have something that will give the ZR1 the extra Mike is looking for.


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Mike pulls out a cold air intake with a dry filter in it. It’s designed not only to allow the LT5 to breathe in denser air, but GM claims it increases the monster engine’s output by a substantial 17 horsepower. In the future, Mike will replace the ZR1’s current X-pipe with the stock setup, add the CAI, and run the ZR1 on a dyno to see if all that extra shows up in the readout.

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