Carbon Fiber Widebody Kit Install Has C7 Owner Cutting Up His Fenders

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With a little help from a friend who also has a C7, this Stingray owner begins turning his Corvette into a widebody beast.

The automotive enthusiast culture is made up of a lot of different parts. One of those is modifications. In many circles, a stock car is an unfinished car. Another is friendship. What fun is having a cool car if you can’t share it with a buddy? This video from the Youtube channel TheSupercarSuspects is a great showcase of both.

Like most sports car owners, host Chris Harikian wants to do more with his C7 Corvette. There are a variety of ways he can take it to the next level. He can add power. He can lower it. Harikian chooses to make it broader with some carbon-fiber widebody panels. Luckily, he has a friend to help him do that. Harikian’s pal Tamir Russo isn’t just there to assist with the prep, though. He helps Harikian pull the widebody panels off his own heavily modified Corvette, then put them on Harikian’s car. C7 Corvette Coupe Gets Carbon-Fiber Widebody Panels

The guys start off by cleaning the stock C7 to prepare it for the yards of adhesive it’s about to receive. That’s right – instead of removing the factory fenders and installing the carbon-fiber pieces from Russo’s car, the guys are just going to glue the lightweight pieces on top of the Stingray’s fenders. The guys work well together, but their efforts lead to some troubling realizations. After both front fenders are in place, Harikian comes to a pricey conclusion, saying, “I need a carbon splitter now.” C7 Corvette Coupe Gets Carbon-Fiber Widebody Panels

Harikian and Russo continue harvesting parts from Russo’s over-the-top ‘Vette, leaving behind broad swaths that look like charcoal sketches. Once they’re off, all of the adhesive that held them in place needs to be sanded and cleaned off. The guys eventually get the rear fenders on, successfully clearing the edge of the driver’s door and the fuel filler door.


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When Harikian sees how much the rear fenders dwarf his stock wheels, it’s clear to him what his car requires next. Harikian says, “It needs spacers, for sure.” Russo agrees. “An inch and a half in the back and then the front’s going to have an inch.” Even with that plan in place, Harikian wants to get new — probably much wider — wheels.

Clearly, Harikian’s car has a long way to go, but he’ll be OK. He knows which mods to make next and has a good buddy to help him install them.

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