The 10 Worst Things About Everyday Driving

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Do you drive your Corvette to work on a daily basis? I find that taking the sports car to work can be both frustrating and enjoyable, sometimes in equal measure. Driving Bowling Green’s Best to work can be great when you have an empty road and some nice curvy twists ahead. But it gets frustrating when you’re mired in bumper to bumper traffic. Does the good outweigh the bad? One can only hope.

In this video from Car Throttle, the 10 worst parts of commuting are humorously highlighted. Everything from cyclists clogging up the road, to our slow, indecisive, lane-hogging, traffic-light-creeping fellow motorists.

This video is filmed in London, and one of their peeves is diesel fumes, which we don’t really have to worry about here in the U.S. But pretty much everything else presented here is valid.

Other drivers, please make up your mind about the lane you’re going to be in, keep up with traffic, commit to your lane changes, and stop-sign pull outs, and know the rules of the road. Please, it’ll make all of our lives easier.

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