That 2000 Corvette Now Has 710,000 Miles

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Do you guys remember Mark? You know, the fella who owns businesses in Florida and Georgia? The dude who has owned five Corvettes? No? Not ringing a bell? C’mon, you know the guy who has the 2000 Corvette with 650,000 miles? Ahhh, OK, that’s the signifier you were looking for. Well, he wasn’t done, and it doesn’t look like he’s stopping any time soon.

As you can see below, Mark returned to YouTube with a new update on his Corvette, and now his 2000 ‘Vette is up to 710,000 miles. Seven hundred — and ten — thousand — miles. According to Mark, “The car is still in great shape for a 2000.” For a 2000? How about for 710,000 miles?

Mark has apparently reached out to General Motors and the Corvette Museum to see if there’s any interest in such a magnificent achievement. Surely they’ll be giving him a call back soon. Or maybe they’re holding off for one million miles?

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