2006 Corvette Review

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The 2006 Chevrolet Corvette

The 2006 Chevrolet Corvette was the second model year of the C6
Corvette.  There were almost no changes to the base model Corvette from
2005 to 2006, with the exception of the small GM badge to the lower
fender areas (an addition shared across GM’s entire lineup).

Offered as either a coupe or convertible, the base model Corvette was
the same as the 2005, with a 6.0L LS2 V8 making 400 horsepower and 400
lb-ft of torque.  The 2006 Corvette is capable of dashing form 0 to 60
in 4.2 seconds, running a standing quarter mile in the high 12 second
range and reaching 0.96g on a 200 foot skidpad.  2006 Corvettes equipped
with the LS2 were available with either a manual or automatic
transmission and with a great deal of attention paid to the internal
workings of the automatic transmission, very little performance is lost
between the manually and automatically shifted 2006 Corvettes.

The only significant news for the Corvette in 2006 was the return of
the Z06 trimline.  This high performance package was based around the
new 7.0L (427 cubic inches) LS7 engine, offering a whopping 505
horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque.  That amount of power allowed the
folks at Car and Driver to rip through the quarter mile in an impressive
11.8 seconds with a trap speed of 122 miles per hour and with a top
speed of nearly 200 miles per hour, the 2006 Corvette Z06 was easily the
quickest and fastest Corvette ever offered.  The Z06 features a
dry-sump lubrication system and improved cooling system to help keep the
LS7 cool and oiled under all sorts of driving conditions.

The Z06 was not just a base Corvette with a big engine.  General
Motors fitted the Z06 with an magnesium engine cradle to reduce weight,
resulting in a weight of just 3180 pounds.  The suspension was
completely modified to turn the 2006 base model Corvette into a
race-ready model and an increased brake package helps the 2006 Z06
handle the hard turns.

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