Two Recalls Officially Issued for 2015 Corvette

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C7 recall text

Remember last month when General Motors stopped shipments and deliveries on 2015-model-year Corvettes? In that article, I said, “GM … has stopped short of issuing an official recall on 2015 [Corvettes], but I wouldn’t be surprised if one is in the pipeline now.” Well, the pipeline has delivered us not one, but two recalls that cover about 900 cars.

The largest of the two recalls covers 783 Corvettes for an issue where only one of the parking brake cables may be fully seated and operating on only one of the rear brakes. More than half of the affected cars have already been fixed at the dealership thanks to GM’s releasing the service procedure last month.

The other recall affects about 89 Corvettes in the U.S. for an issue with the driver’s air bag that could potentially cause it to separate from the steering wheel in a crash.

Owners of the affected vehicles should be getting letters in the mail by next week.

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Source [Detroit News]

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