Dale Earnhardt Drives a Callaway SC757

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Dale Earnhardt Callaway SC757

This is one interview segment that neither participant will ever forget.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is a name that needs no introduction here. Not content to live in his father’s legendary shadow, he forged his own path to success. He’s racked up 26 wins in NASCAR’s top series, two of those being Daytona 500 wins.

2017 was his last season of competition, opting to retire at the end of the season. As part of his farewell tour, he sat down with Willie Giest of NBC’s Sunday Today show. Appropriately enough, the name of the segment is ‘Sunday Sitdown.’

Dale Earnhardt Callaway SC757

While it sounds like a fairly low-key affair, this sitdown didn’t happen on a couch or recliner. Instead, it took place in the heavily-bolstered bucket seats of one very special Corvette.

This wasn’t just any Sunday drive, however, it was a lightning lap of the famous Talladega tri-oval superspeedway. A special occasion like that needs an equally special car, not just any Corvette would do.

Dale Earnhardt Callaway SC757

Callaway Cars heeded the call with an SC757 Corvette. You can guess what that letter-number combination means: That’s right, 757 thundering, supercharged horses stuffed between the front fenders of a C7 Corvette.

We can’t imagine a task that’s simultaneously more fun and more daunting than conducting an interview with Dale Earnhardt Junior at 180 miles per hour. That’s just what Willie Giest did, though, and the segment, focusing on Dale’s transition from the race cockpit to the announcing booth, aired on the Sunday Today show.

Dale Earndardt Corvette

Dale also had a few words to say about the Callaway SC757 Corvette. According to the staff at Hendrick, Dale said that “The Callaway SC757 is the fastest street car I have ever driven, period. There was much more left in that car than we put down on the track.”

That’s high praise from a man who made his living at 200 miles per hour.

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