Another Flood of Vintage Corvette Photos from Our Forums

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One Corvette Forum member has amassed an amazing collection of ‘Vette pictures spanning over four decades.

If you spend any amount of time in our forums, you may know Mike Furman from Criswell Chevrolet, who goes by [email protected]. He has probably sold plenty of CorvetteForum members their ‘Vettes. He’s also shared many great pictures and galleries of the Corvettes he buys and sells. Don’t live in Gaithersburg, Maryland, home of the dealership? Don’t worry, he will go out of his way and ship a Corvette cross-country for you.

In this recent Corvette Forum post, Furman caught all of us up on what cars he has sold recently and where they went. He has shipped a new Carbon 65 Z06 convertible out to Southern California. Another Z06 is being shipped to Arkansas, and that same buyer is also shipping back a year-old Grand Sport that was purchased from him.

We are sharing a huge collection of vintage Corvette images Furman recently posted. The photos range from a charcoal drawing of a C1, to vintage black and white C2 pictures, to snapshots of C3 barn finds, to magazine ads for the C4. Enjoy.

Bryan Wood is a longtime car and motorcycle enthusiast who writes for Harley-Davidson Forums and Corvette Forum, among other auto sites. Plus, he runs his own blog, Pilez & Driverz.

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