Watch this Badass C6 Corvette Drift Car Come to Life

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If you’re a fan of incredible craftsmanship and top notch fabrication skills, you won’t want to miss this!

If you know anything about the sport of drifting, you know that building a successful drift car is pretty easy. In theory, at least. Snag a lightweight, rear-wheel drive, V8-powered car, remove everything you don’t need, and hit the track. In truth, professional drifters have to take things a step further, of course. But if you think about it, a Corvette makes the perfect base for a world-beating drift machine.

Drift Corvette

Which is probably why Formula Drift driverĀ Matt Field is ditching his Nissan 240 for a C6 Corvette. Field and crew got their hands on a flood damaged car to begin with, and promptly got to work building the beast in their Northern California shop, appropriately named Drift Cave. But the best part of all this is that Field invited the cool guys at Donut Media to film the entire process!

Drift Corvette

This latest episode kicks off as the team works to route all the intercooler piping required for the highly modified turbo LS. And since this is a serious race car, it requires some serious modifications. From the rear-mounted radiator to reinforced bash plates. Watching it all in progress is like watching a masterpiece come together. From the cage to the carbon fiber door handles, this is truly a piece of racing art.

Drift Corvette

This badass drift Corvette isn’t quite done yet. But you can bet we’ll be watching as it does. There’s just something truly satisfying about watching a build like this come together. Especially when it’s done with the high degree of skill that Field and his team exemplify. It’s almost enough to get us shopping for our own flood damaged Corvette project. But we’re pretty sure it would never turn out anything like this!

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