Blithering Idiot Spray-Paints Corvette for Instafame

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What’s the most radical (or dumbest thing) you’d ever do to your Corvette to be featured on a popular YouTube channel?

It’s fair to say that most of today’s “youth” would do many things to be “Instafamous.” After all, it’s this idea that the more attention or “likes” they get from complete strangers, the better they will feel about themselves or their life choices.


Take for example this footage recently uploaded to YouTube by 1320video, which shows what we can only consider an attention addict. The chaos begins when the 1320video man says that, “A guy insists on spray painting his Corvette if he promises to upload it to YouTube.” Yes, you read that right — someone is willing to use Rustoleum spray paint on their C6 Corvette just for the sake of being featured in a video.

Really, what else is there to say about this, folks? Sure, we could use lots of expletives, but we’ll leave the choice of words up to you. Watch the cringe-worthy video and see the stupidity for yourselves.


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